Good Reagan Story

Good story about Reagan
Reagan and Gorbachev in Geneva….
The two men sat by the fire, at first making small talk and exchanging pleasantries. Then, President Reagan turned the conversation to talk of children. As he had hoped, it seemed to establish some common ground between them. After a time, he turned and stared thoughtfully at the fire. When he turned back to Gorbachev, Reagan looked directly into his eyes and—in what he later described to me as his “most plaintive, wistful tone”—said, “I do hope for the sake of our children that we can find some way to avert this terrible, escalating arms race . . .”
As Reagan paused, Gorbachev—thinking the president had completed his thought—smiled slyly, unable to mask a sudden look of triumph in his eyes. After several seconds, Gorbachev opened his mouth to respond, but before he could, Reagan continued, “. . . because, if we can’t, America will not lose it, I assure you.”]]>

Coast Watcher

From: Andrew Leyden
Subject: German Naval activity in the Bay
Cc: I currently have a visual on three German Navy ships passing Chesapeake Beach at this time. Two are frigates, and the other is an auxiliary vessel. According to the Baltimore sailing site, they are: FGS Frankfurt (aux) A1412
FGS Brandenburg (frigate) F215
FGS Bremen F207 I’ve heard some Coast Guard traffic talking to some tugs, but I’m not sure if it is related. They should be passing Annapolis is 30-40 minutes. Not sure what the German navy uses as their freq, but imagine they’ll be on our maritime band when over here.]]>

Mega virus coming to a network near you

MI2G are now predicting a 30% chance of a “catastrophic” computer virus (malware) causing over $100 billion in repairs. The full report isn’t much more than what is reported in the free link above. At first I used to tell people in airports that I used a Mac because I’m creative or artistic or a rebel. Now I like to tell them I use a Mac because I do sensitive security work and need a trusted system. Boy that scares them… ]]>

Something the Lord Made

Vivien Thomas fund for new doctors. Maybe I should give. From HBO:
Two men–one a wealthy white chief surgeon, the other a poor black lab technician–achieve a monumental medical breakthrough that earned one accolades…and the other a painful lesson in racism and unequal opportunity. Working in 1940s Baltimore on an unprecedented technique for performing heart surgery on “blue babies,” Dr. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) and lab tech Vivien Thomas (Mos Def) form an impressive team. But even as the two invent a new field of medicine–saving thousands of lives in the process–social pressures threaten to undermine their collaboration and tear their friendship apart. Mary Stuart Masterson, Gabrielle Union. With Charles Dutton, Kyra Sedgwick. Directed by Joseph Sargent; written by Peter Silverman and Todd Philips. From the Johns Hopkins site:]]>