I'm back

Comdex next week. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do. I finished updating all of PenguinRadio’s European pages, but now I have to fix all of the USA States (I did California, now on to the rest). 360 pages in PenguinRadio’s regional section–all static. Time to make them dynamic so I can build them on the fly as needed. I’m also planning on writing a Sherlock module so I can search radio stations on PenguinRadio direct from the desktop. And this is all next week…]]>

Nice kitty

Three mountain lion kittens got stuck on some railroad tracks after walking through a creek and then climbing on the rails in 10 degree weather. A track inspector had to pour hot water on them to free them from the rail, but then ran off when their mother showed up (i.e. big lion).]]>

Georgetown Halloween

Two Cleopatras
Three Dorthy’s from the Wizard of Oz
Many women with skimy tops showing off their cleveage.
Japanese school girls (dozens)
Gandolf from Lord of the Rings
Three Harry Potters
An elve
Lots of kids dressed as horses, alligators, and SpiderMan And, on my way home through Dupont Circle, the aptly attired Bert and Ernie walking hand in hand. Guess the rumors are true….]]>

Aurora Boreialissisisis…

scanner mailing list erupted with alerts that the sky was colored at this very moment. SCAN-DC is a DC scanner mailing list that tracks things like shootings, fires, Presidential motorcades, Combat Air Patrol activities and a bunch of other stuff on the airwaves. They posted the Aurora news because a lot of the radios they were using got a bit fuzzy. But anyway, the sky was an amazing shade of red the other night, and we had some greenish/white hues even farther to the south. It was simply amazing over the Bay, and I swear a dozen small airplanes were doing laps trying to get a better view. Not likely to see something like that again anytime soon.]]>