My Geek Travel bag

  So what did I take? Canon 40D iPad 1 iPad 2 Regular Glass / Sunglasses Noise canceling headphones Earbuds $500HKD (cab fare home from airport) $200USD (emergency money) $200,000 JPY 15′ MacBook Retina Canon battery recharger Plug adapters MicroUSB charger 2 iPad Chargers SIM card adapter HSBC Bank key Thunderbolt-Ethernet adapter Macbook charger iPad cable MicroUSB cable Mini USB cable Passport holder & Airline/Hotel cards Mini-wallet Main-wallet All of this fit into my backpack for the trip.  There was also a ‘cable bag’ that went along in the suit case with plenty of other cables and whatnot that I wouldn’t need on the short flight (4.5 hours) to Tokyo.   ]]>

85% of frequent flyers want special 'childrens' section on planes

First, Business, Coach or Kids? That could be your options on airplanes if some frequent flyers had their way. 85% in a recent poll suggest it is time for a special kids-only section on planes.

Little ones go to the rear of the plane

Little ones go to the rear of the plane

I have to confess that even I have thought this might be a good idea. A few rows of each plane reserved for kids and parents. It would, of course, be the craziest section of the plane, but it would also give some of the other folks more peace of mind on their flights.

I’ve done a number of long hauls (i.e. 12 hour+ flights) and when there is a kid behind you you just know you aren’t in for a good night’s sleep. Of course, it’s a kid. It’s what kids do, but it can still be kind of annoying. Of course the most annoying is when the adult traveling with them adopts a “I don’t care about anybody” attitude and lets the kid cry or kick and moan without any intervention. Most frequent flyers can deal with kids, but none can deal with a parent who lets them run feral in the plane.