Attack the Block slang dictionary

Just finished watching Attack the Block and found it surprisingly refreshing after a dismal run of rather badly done invasion films.  I’ll write a longer review later, but one thing that was interesting was some of the South London street slang that was prevalent in the film.  For those who are thinking of watching, here is a cheat sheet I made up of some of the slang.  

Allow it - don't worry, leave it.
Bangers - fireworks
Believe - Accept something as true.
Bare - many, a lot, large number
Brap, blat - sound of a gunshot, bang
Bruv - brother, friend
Bully van - police van
Butters - ugly
Ends - neighborhood, area
Fam - close friends, family
Feds - police, government
Innit - isn't it
Murked/Merked - killed, or badly defeated
Ps - £ British pounds
Peak - impending danger
Po Pos - police
Shiv - knife, stabbed.
Strap - a gun, get armed
The block - housing estate, tower block.
Wagwan - what's up?
Wraps - paper used for carrying drugs, usually cocaine
Big Gorilla Wolf Motherfuckers - alien
Here is my review of Attack the Block.]]>

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