No job for you! Mr Prime Minister / TV soup chef.

Thailand has forced their Prime Minister to resign after he hosted a cooking show.

Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has been ordered to resign after being found guilty of violating the constitution over a TV cookery show.

His entire cabinet has also been ordered to step down.

Snap elections will be called, and yes, he can run again. Something a bit screwy over there in Thailand.


Found a boat in my backyard

Well, this was odd. Woke up this morning after a night of rough seas to discover this little thing stuck on my seawall. Called the Coast Guard who had no reports of a missing boater, but still did a yucky hike through the water and shore to look for any other things (lifejackets, paddles, bodies). Turned up negative so I flipped this up onto the seawall, filed a ‘found boat’ report and can claim it in 30-60 days or so if no one else reports it missing.

The strange world of life in the country…

Would have been nicer if it was a yacht


CNN to use Skycam for Obama speech.

Sparing no expense for the coronation.

Sparing no expense for the coronation.

CNN is ready to splash out $100,000 for a NFL quality “SkyCam” that their going to use to swing in over Barrack Obama when he accepts the Democrats nomination.

As if the media needs another example of sparing no expense to making Barrack Obama more king-like. And they say the US election is about issues, not images? That the conventions are news worth events? Looks like a week of me watching coverage news from the BBC or France24 instead of the CNN Infomercial.

Expect to hear jokes and asides about this and the media’s love-in with Obama in the next week.