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Watching the Royal Wedding Online – Big List of Links

This will be updated throughout the day.  Going to make a massive list of links today related to the Royal Wedding, since it’s on here and it’s the middle of the day.  Feel free to add links to the comments.

Live Video Streams

Youtube Royal Channel

Youtube Monarchy

CNN (USA):  Also coverage on the CNN App for iPhone (U.S.) and CNN App for iPhone (International)

E Online (USA):  Also coverage from their Live From the Red Carpet app.

TVB Hong Kong

BBC One (UK)

BBC Multiple Camera Angle Options

Associated Press

PBS (Ustream)


Hulu (USA)

CBS News

ABC News (Australia)

CBC TV (Canada)








Live Blogs

BBC America

Daily Mail (UK)



Other Bits:

Royal Wedding Program (PDF)

Royal Wedding Site




Universal Newsreels with Mr. Inside & Mr. Outside from West Point

Was poking around the net today looking for random things and came across the Universal Newsreels archive.  Here is a neat clip of Doc Blanchard (Mr. Inside) and Glenn Davis (Mr. Outside). Have to love the highly descriptive stories that go for longer than most current network news clips and certainly are more enjoyable to listen to than the current crop of ADHD news blips.

Here’s the full list of Universal Newsreel videos available (without copyright too).

PenguinSix’s Tweets for the Week

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Video of the Rangers baseball fan falling from the upper deck

No, you don’t get to see the actual fall–thank god. And I hope they don’t actually show it because it isn’t something I’d want to see.

But the reactions of the players and fans to this tragedy that happened in Texas is pretty frightening.

FWIW, he got the ball. Another fan caught it and gave it to an usher. The usher passed it along to the team and they signed it before presenting it and other goodies in the hospital to the recovering fan.

PenguinSix’s Tweets for the Week

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PenguinSix’s Tweets for the Week

  • Of the four computers in the house I can touch none of them due to CRON routines all running at the same time. I need more machines. #
  • The advantage of building a 'World Cup web-radio' page over 10 years ago? I'm number on in Google for World Cup Radio #
  • Came home and checked my Google ad revenue. Thought there was a typo. Did in 1 day what I normally do in a week. Thank you World Cup page #
  • Went to a Techcrunch meet up last night. Good times in Soho. First tech social event in months. Good to get out of the house. #
  • Hillarious! RT @MarshaCollier: The Oil Spill Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute – @TremendousNews! #
  • USAF Combat Air Patrol protecting the Space Shuttle captures amazing photo. [pic] #

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