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Deadmau5 – I Remember

Brought this one back from San Francisco as it was on heavy rotation on Energy92, the dance station that is pretty good.

Or if you want the longer version.

Finally found a song I’ve been searching for for 14 years! Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5

Ok, way back in law school I was watching MTV Real World London.  There was a scene in the first episode in which there was a song and the only lyrics I could remember, besides the really funky keyboard riff in the background, was the words ‘it’s a popular misconception’.  I thought it might be Blur, or some other UK band of that era, but could never–I mean never get any more information about the song or who did or what.

Tonight while searching for another song (based on only one line of the song) I found a good lyrics search engine and on a lark tried this 14 year quest.  VICTORY!

So I give you Saturn 5 by the band Inspiral Carpets.

Company B- Fascinated

For all the ‘old school’ ravers who passed on the Seattle Grunge sound and went with something a bit more housey.

Remixing Gary Numan with the Sugarbabes

Ok, these are not two folks you’d normally consider similar, but someone with a better musical ear than me realized the similarities between these two tracks and did a pretty neat mash up.

Real Networks gunning for Boxee?

Saw an interesting job opportunity with Real Networks in Seattle. They’re looking for an embedded LINUX specialist for work on a new content / media system that has previously been in ’stealth’ mode in Seattle. Seems they are developing an ‘all in one’ system that could handle audio, video, etc in a small device (kind of like the PenguinRadio I was working on for so many years).

Interesting that Codling has been mentioned now for almost 18 months. Wonder when they will get out a product that can compete with the Boxee system that is running ripshod through the media center crowd?

(At least they are using LINUX which is a nice plug for open source. Real dove into the open source community with the HELIX project to get their formatted music playing on other devices, but they remain under pressure from streaming mp3 and aac which is gaining more followers (the BBC is starting some AAC streams this week)).

Job Title: Sr. Linux Embedded Engineer

Position Type (FT or PT): Full Time – Regular

Area of Interest: Software Development

Location: Seattle (Headquarters)

Description: RealNetworks, Inc. is a rapidly growing, web based, digital music, online gaming and streaming company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that provides the universal platform for the delivery of any digital media, from any point of origin, across virtually any network, to any person on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

RealNetworks Inc., based in Seattle, WA, has recently formed a new consumer media platform team whose charter is to deliver “Codling”, a game-changing home entertainment system. Formed as a stealth startup within RealNetworks, the Codling team is being led by one of the founders of RealNetworks, Phil Barrett, and has already attracted executives from, Microsoft, Disney and Intel, and RealNetworks. The Codling team is creating a rich set of consumer media experiences that will make the industry stand up and take notice.

From the ground up, we are building a technology platform and content distribution ecosystem that will support a vast array of yet-to-be-announced content distribution models. Hollywood, NYC, Silicon Valley, and consumer electronics manufacturers *will* be knocking on our doors once we announce.

Would you like to work with high-tech and media legends? Do you enjoy the rush of working in an agile, consumer-focused environment? Are you passionate about digital video and consumer electronic devices? Do you want to touch the daily lives of millions of consumers around the world?

If you do, then the RealNetworks recruiting team wants to talk to you!

Sirius XM Bankruptcy: Told you so…

Next target, rock and/or roll..

Next target, rock and/or roll..

When I published my thoughts on how the iPhone would kill Sirius / XM, I was linked in the Sirius XM financial messageboards (probably by some shorts). Needless to say some of the longs went after me screaming ‘this guy is a moron’ and some other harshness. Even today when I talk about how amazing it is to play radio on my iPhone, I get some radio purists come in an whine ‘but but but, HD radio is better because…’ or something like that. (It reminds me of the guy who told me mp3’s would never take off because they didn’t sound as good as CDs).

Anyway, SiriusXM are preparing to file for bankruptcy. Told you this would happen.

It’s not really the iPhone that is the killer, directly. It is the mountains and mountains of debt that were attached to Sirius. These guys borrowed BILLIONS to put their birds up in orbit. It just never made sense–NEVER MADE SENSE–to recreate the broadcast radio model up in space with a hugely more expensive infrastructure, not when a simpler hack together system is available to deliver more content easier (iPhone tethered to a car stereo). And with more and more 4G services being planned (wimax, LTE) I can understand why investors were running scared about satellite radio.

Sadly, a bunch of truckers are going to be really depressed. One of the strongest fan bases for satellite radio is long haul truckers who got their fix of news, information, music and even trucking stories no matter where they were in the USA. I suspect many of them are going to have some withdraw pains should the service shutter.

How remixing a crap disco song can produce something interesting.

I’ve been hooked on NRJ Dance channel lately, watching videos on pretty much all day long. Unfortunately their playlist is kind of like MTV’s when they first started, and you end up seeing the same video a couple of times a day. But hey, it beats MTV and there are a few songs that have gotten stuck in my head and I’ve now downloaded to my iPhone.

One them is the song ‘Saddle Up’ by David Christie. This was a song released back in the disco era, and quite frankly watching the original video is painful (only slightly less so by the presence of awful dancing but scantily clad bikini girls).

So here is the original from 1982, and the 2008 remix that is on my iPhone. It makes you wonder what could be done if there was even more freedom to remix songs absent concerns about IP and whatnot.



Livestation going to the iPhone. Thank god almighty.

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Livestation since I first downloaded a copy a month or so ago.  Now I’m even more excited as it appears Livestation will be ported to the Apple iPhone, bringing live video & tv to the iPhone.  The announcement will take place today here but I’m not sure when it will be released.  I know I want it NOW, like right NOW as other video options on the phone haven’t quite impressed just yet.