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iTunes error 9838 and the iPhone update

Grr….looks like I am not alone in the dreaded 9838 error message which is arriving when you update your old iPhone to the new v.2.0 software. Macintouch reader reports are filled with others getting the same messages. And now with Itunes being overloaded with new subscribers and updates, the process is quite annoying.

Some suggestions include removing any applications you downloaded prior and resetting the iPhone to the factory default. Perhaps I can do the manual update that was in the site yesterday (I have the software somewhere).

UPDATE: It’s due to massive overload of the activation servers (thanks ATT for your stupid requirement that phones be activated day one).

UPDATE: Here is a thread about it on the Apple site.

UPDATE: The Washington Post chimes in.

UPDATE: The 9838 error is a problem connecting to the iTunes server. I was able to connect and reactivate and complete the upgrade at 12:53 EDT. Your mileage may vary. I should note that the v.2.0 upgrade which was ‘stalled’ mid-upgrade ‘took’ and when the phone got back online it was running 2.0 (you’ll see an icon for the App Store and a new icon for Contacts).
More updates as the day goes on…

The pre-1994 Internet

Just posted this on Doc Searls blog.

This is a complaint of many, the pre-1994 dearth of materials on the web. It’s such a shame because so much of that information is already out there, just locked behind stupid walls and not properly indexed.

Another growing problem is the reordering of Google to reflect ‘new content first’. For example, I was doing some research on President Clinton’s attacks on the privacy of Americans. I specifically recall when I worked on Capitol Hill saying to myself when one of these bills passed ‘if the US ever goes Orwellian it will be these bills people look back on as laying the groundwork’.

Unfortunately, as we have moved more and more toward the always observed society, I wanted to do some research back to that anecdote from pre-1994 and did some Google searching. Not only was there a lack of information about the bill that passed, but new stories about Hillary Clinton and her views on the Patriot Act / privacy / security etc. took the first 10 pages or so of Google more or less.

You know one place to start in cataloging the old stuff would be the ‘morgues’ of dead newspapers. For example, the ‘morgue’ of the Washington Star newspaper sits in dusty file cabinet after file cabinet in the MLK Public Library in downtown DC.