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Grey skies

I’m still trying to get the things going past my window function working. In the last week we’ve had several freighters, a warship and two cruise ships pass by, but the function to list them all is proving to be a bit difficult. Today it is cloudy outside and the only thing I can see are the occasional waterman laying crab traps. There seems to be several on this side of the Bay today–wonder if the crabs are here in the Spring (and if I shoudl set a trap

Godless Tornado

This has been a week of Tornados around the country. The other day we had two funnel clouds on radar about 15 miles due East of the house, heading straight toward the house. I ran over to warn my neighbor and offer him a spot in my basement, but his silly dog bit me while I was trying to knock on his door. One of those little mop yapping dogs. Felt like kicking it, but I d|n’t.

Anyway, the two tornados split and one headed north toward Deale, MD and the other slammed into Patuxent River NAS / Lexington Park. Guess they just didn’t want to mess with me.

Oh, Godless Tornados refers to Les Nessman of WKRP. In one episode, Cincinati was clobbered by storms, but the only disaster plan Les had in his files was for a communist invasion of Ohio. Undaunted, he simply replaced the word “”communist”” with the word “”tornado”” whenever it came up in the script. “”Stand up Cincinati and fight the godless tornados!”” Just one of those things that has stuck with me.