My Geek Travel bag

I just got back from a trip to Japan with this on my shoulder.  Yea, it was heavy.  Too heavy.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to find a new solution next time.  The camera was quite a bit of the weight but so too was the MacBook.


So what did I take?

Canon 40D

iPad 1

iPad 2

Regular Glass / Sunglasses

Noise canceling headphones


$500HKD (cab fare home from airport)

$200USD (emergency money)

$200,000 JPY

15′ MacBook Retina

Canon battery recharger

Plug adapters

MicroUSB charger

2 iPad Chargers

SIM card adapter

HSBC Bank key

Thunderbolt-Ethernet adapter

Macbook charger

iPad cable

MicroUSB cable

Mini USB cable

Passport holder & Airline/Hotel cards



All of this fit into my backpack for the trip.  There was also a ‘cable bag’ that went along in the suit case with plenty of other cables and whatnot that I wouldn’t need on the short flight (4.5 hours) to Tokyo.