Did the Mac 10.7.2 Lion update fix the NAS bug in iMovie?

When OS 10.7 came out, a number of digital photographers and filmmakers were aghast.  Terabytes of data stored on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices were no longer visible as option in many common Mac programs.  Of course, to be fair, things like iMovie were never design for NAS units, but some enterprising hackers found a way through this simple command line:

defaults write -app iMovie allowNV -bool true

Unfortunately when Lion came out, even this command line option was no longer working.

But today OS 10.7.2 was released by Apple and when I booted up iMovie after the update, viola–there it was again.  My Drobo in the other room hosting 100s of GBs of home movies was once again accessible to iMovie.  I’ve tried reading the release notes but didn’t see any mention of this new ‘feature’, but hey, I’ll take it.

So if you haven’t run that command line or updated to 10.7.2 and are looking to store you digital media elsewhere, try out this tip and see if it works for you.