Now that you’ve stopped paying attention to the Japanese Tsunami

Some interesting videos have come out in the last month or so now that the hype and Tweeting about ‘watch this video’ has subsided.

First up is the ‘in car’ camera version of what it was like to be in one of those thousands of cars floating around in the water.  A driver had an HD camera attached to his dash as he floated around (note the wipers were on despite his floating).

The second video is more of a good news story.  One town had tsunami barriers 15 feet higher than most due to the insistence of a former mayor.  It worked, and only 1 person in the town died and the entire village is still intact.

This one is a bit hard to watch as you see and hear the panic of people running.  The camera turned away as the waves approached one old man.  One can only hope he was not taken in the waves.