The Killing and Spiral, my two new favorite cop shows.

Not sure why but I’m kind of hooked on couple new cop shows lately.


Sprial, also known as Engrenages in France, is a sort of Law and Order meets the Wire.  It tells the story of vicious crimes, really heinous ones actually, from the perspective of the a special police unit investigating them, the prosecutor leading the investigation, and the French judiciary through the eyes of an “investigating magistrate” (which is sort of a cross between a judge and a prosecutor).  The series is in French and stars your standard screwed up cop who is partnered with an even more screwed up colleague, along with a ‘good cop’ who is their foil and friend trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.



The show is definitely worth watching.  The BBC is currently airing season 3 but seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD (Spiral – Series 1 and 2 Box Set [Region 2 U.K. Import]
 It’s in French with subtitles, but it doesn’t take away from the suspense.  It’s been likened to the Wire though it’s not as intricate nor does it involve as many characters, but the story lines are depressing and the definition of ‘good’ is not necessarily who is on the side of the law or opposed to it.  Also like the wire, you need the subtitles (in the Wire they often used street slang that made no sense to the millions of suburban white folks who watched the show).


The Killing is also on the BBC as part of their European crime fest but has also been picked up by AMC as a new show that is getting rave reviews (you can catch Season 1 of The Killings on iTtunes:  The Killing, Season 1 – The Killing)

As I haven’t seen the US version I’ll focus on the Danish one, called Forbrydelsen (which literally means ‘the Crime’ I think), which tells the story in twenty episodes of twenty days in the investigation of a missing girl.  A female detective and her rather aggressive partner / replacement try to solve a complex murder as the story jumps between the victim, the police, the families involved and a local politician with a (tangential??) interest in the case.

The American version is a similar story but with different possible suspects.  They’re only on episode 6 so I’m not entirely sure how it will end up.

Anyway, if you can’t wait for the next Wallendar here are a few options to get you through the day.

Now to go buy a book by Jo Nesbo new Norway writer who is the next “Stieg Larsson” so they claim.


DCI Sarah Lund, though you can't see her sweater.


Just thought this was an amazing scene as they pulled out the victim from the water.


The AMC remake