Tracker reveals my iPhone travels over last few months

There is a lot of buzz on the Internet about a small little file being stored on the iPhone and sync’d with the computer containing the exact location of your iPhone over the course of the day, week and month.  At the moment this file isn’t really being uploaded or used for any purpose, but a group of coders have found a way to de-encrypt the file and reveal the GPS goodness that is hidden inside.

Attached you see the results of the simple iPhone tracker app (download iPhone tracker here). It shows you which towers I’ve connected to most frequently and you can play back the results day-by-day if you are seeking to really stalk someone.

Oh, one other bit. See that travel across the border into Shenzhen? Interestingly enough I had swapped SIM cards up there and used my China SIM card. Apparently the gadget doesn’t care what SIM you are using–it just tracks it no matter which card is in there. So while you may escape a trace effort from the phone company by removing the SIM, should they get your phone or your desktop, they’re going to find out where you were.

And for those who wonder, the way to disable this is to turn off your phone (though I suspect some hacks will come out shortly to improve this option).

Here is a 20 minute interview about how the file was discovered.