Randomly waking up to see Egypt explode

I stayed up rather late Thursday night watching the pre-Presidential announcement in Egypt. Eventually, about 3:00 am Hong Kong time, I passed out with the iPad still streaming Al Jazeera English service. Turns out that was probably for the best as Mumbarak got up and told the protesting masses to basically get lost.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that I ended up falling asleep at about 8:00pm after telling the boys some bed time stories.  I was pretty out of it during the stories, and I think I may have actually drifted off in one (something about the knights of the round table driving a Japanese bullet train … yea random).

I then woke up and was totally rested.  It was dark outside but I figured it was probably about 5 am or so as I was feeling pretty rested.  But then I looked outside and saw the lights were still on at the Bank of China building.  Those lights normally go off about midnight, so obviously my internal clock was out of whack.

10:56 PM.  I had slept a total of three hours.  I knew what this meant.  I was up, and I was going to be up for awhile.

So I went out to the living room and turned on the TV.  It came on to some loud kids show on Boomberang (Scooby Doo still is on over in Asia).  I flipped over to Al Jazeera English and pulled out the iPad.  I then looked up and saw the Vice President of Egypt start to make an announcement.

“Hosni Mubarak has waived the office of presidency….”

WTF?  Is this live?  I grabbed my glasses to look for the LIVE ticker and then the next scene was pandemonium.  I had to turn down the TV volume.  Mumbarak was gone, and Al Jazeera, to their credit, then showed nothing but screaming crowds for what seemed like 5 minutes.

I booted up Twitter and it hadn’t hit yet.  I started blasting some messages and within about a minute I was getting replies and other updates from the breaking news services.  It was kind of funny to still get my assortment of tech related messages coming through oblivious to the world changing outside, but eventually Twitter caught up to the fast changing events happening on TV.

Talk about a random moment to wake up.  A few minutes later and I would have been too late.  A few minutes earlier and I probably would have gotten bored and checked the movie channels.

Here is how it played on Al Jazeera: