Tracking the hospital ship USNS Comfort in the Chesapeake Bay on the way to Haiti.


5 Days from Baltimore to Haiti


For those in the Annapolis area (and who can see through this bit of fog we have on the Bay today), you might be able to catch a glimpse of the USNS COMFORT hospital ship on its way to Haiti sometime around 11:30. Good viewing points in Sandy Point State Park, the Bay Bridge, or in the Bay Ridge area of Annapolis. Again, it is a bit foggy right now so you might not be able to see it unless the fog burns off

It should be around the North Beach / Chesapeake Beach boardwalk, another great viewing point which is about 45 minutes from DC around 12:00-12:30. It’s not a very fast ship.

ETA to Haiti is 5 days.

The COMFORT is squawking on the AIS frequencies, so you can track it. At the moment it looks like it is just leaving the port of Baltimore.

Track all ships in the Bay:…PORT_ID=95&PORT_NAME=BALTIMORE

This should be the COMFORT directly (select USNS Comfort and then ZOOM):…entery=38.95&zoom=9&level1=130

UPDATE: The COMFORT is battling a bit of stormy weather at the moment.

UPDATE 2:  The Baltimore Sun is live blogging from the COMFORT, due to arrive in Haiti on Thursday.