Magdalen Bridge 2009 – Oxford

One of the neat things about the web, especially online video, is that you can see ‘neat’ things from around the world that will never get covered by a broadcast network.  For example, today is May Day around the word and in Oxford this means the traditional singing od The Hymnus Eucharisticus from the Great Tower at Magdalen College on High Street. Of course something like this, which has been going on for quite some time, is never covered on TV, but on Youtube you can catch the whole thing. Police were all over the Magdalen bridge to stop jumpers (another tradition) but apparently two made it over (many were hurt last year during the celebrations so a heavy police line was set up this year).



p.s. here are the lyrics to The Hymnus Eucharisticus in case you were curious.

The Hymnus Eucharisticus
Composed in the 17th century by a Fellow of Magdalen

Te Deum Patrem colimus,
Te Laudibus prosequimus,
qui corpus cibo reficis,
coelesti mentem gratia.

Te adoramus, O Jesu,
Te, Fili unigenite,
Te, qui non dedignatus es
subire clautra Virginis.

Actus in crucem, factus est
irato Deo victima
per te, Salvator unice
vitae spes nobis rediit.

Tibi, aeterne Spiritus
cuius afflatu peperit
infantem Deum Maria,
aeternum benedicimus.

Triune Deus, hominum
salutis auctor optime,
immensum hoc mysterium
orante lingua canimus.