M/V Skodsborg going past the window

Haven’t posted any ship updates in awhile. We had a destroyer go by yesterday on the way to Annapolis. This little ship is passing the house right now.

With a name like this you'd think it was a table at Ikea

M/V Skodsborg:


Cars/any rolling equipment
Heavy lifts up to 120 tons
Yachts/sailing boats
Project cargo
Break bulk cargo

Vessels’ special features

Stern ramp, capacity 200 tons
Elevator serving all 3 decks
Heavy lift derrick 120 tons
Car decks serving upto 140 cars
Large hatch openings(26.7*8m)
Stabilisers minimising cargo damage
Forklifts on board, up to 25 tons
The vessels are fully self-sustained by own equipment for loading/discharging irrespective of port facilities.