I’d rather be in Cardiff

I’m back from graduation at St. Joesph University in Philadelphia. My wife’s friend from China received her master’s degree in computer science. We could see her in the crowd until I saw a large cluster of Chinese sitting together. Viola. Nearly the entire computer science department was Chinese or Indian. Go figure.

The ceremony was nice, and the campus, while small, has some neat buildings. We took about fifty pictures or so, and it was kind of funny looking at these people who were “”best friends”” and knowing that they’d probably not stay in touch very long. Such is the life of college. I’m barely in touch with anyone from law school and even fewer from undergrad. Especially when you move hundreds if not thousands of miles from campus.

DID see a couple of professors in Notre Dame robes. Not that suprising given that St. Joesph is a Catholic school I guess.